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Flow like water...
Recently, I took a walk the other day by the water to enjoy the solitude...I love water.  I thought about the properties and symbolism of water and how it nurtures life.  In gazing at the water and my natural surroundings, I also thought about how we often miss the precious gifts and profound wisdom offered in simple moments of everyday life. We miss them because our minds are usually preoccupied and busy. Mostly preoccupied with things that don't really matter in the grand scheme of things.
I thought about how water represents fluidity, cleansing, life, nourishment, truth, healing, renewal, joy, and well-being.  I lovingly reminded myself to savor these precious moments in life.  To walk in gratitude and appreciation for everything. To sit in the cradle of the waterfall, letting things wash over me, flow, and cleanse on their own accord.
As you go about your day, your journey, may you immerse yourself in the cradle of the waterfall and allow the living waters of hope and rejuvenation wash over your entire being.  May you allow yourself to fall back onto the flow of the current to carry you.  May you allow yourself to be fluid and accept things as they come...learning from the experiences, gathering insight and wisdom; trusting that all things will work together for your ultimate good. Trusting that there's a treasure to be gained in each moment of your breath...your life. May you allow yourself to be cleansed with living healing waters...forgiving and choosing to be present in your life. May you embrace new chapters and beginnings while being thankful for your past and what it taught you. May you allow yourself to experience a wellspring of joy and abundance.  May you flow like water.  May you be blessed today and always.💦
Peace and love. ~ Shawné

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